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Language Arts
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The Kindergarten comes to the Computer Lab every other week for 40 minutes. 
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May 26-29


ANIMAL FRIENDS INTRODUCTION  VIDEO Watch the videos and pick your favorite Animal Friends to draw. A Flipgrid code will be available through your teacher.  You can tell me about your animals. Add drawings to the Padlet above.  Parents some of these videos are on youtube, turn off Auto play

2.  Harriet and M15   Peek in on our eaglets. My, how they have grown!  How have they grown since last week? Look closely, can you see feathers forming?  Look at all 4 CAMS to see their habitat. Their nest is 60 feet off the ground. CAM 360 allows you to move the camera and hear the birds. Below the CAMS are videos from past weeks so you can see their progress.

3. KEYBOARDING - need a keyboard Watch the Technology Class video 

  • Keyboard Zoo - ABCya 

  • Look at Keyboard Zoo below. The keyboard is blue and pink to remind you that the blue keys are tapped by the left hand and the pink keys are for the right hand. Try to remember where the letters are located.
  • Try this game 3 times, you will get better each time.

  • On the next screen choose Letter Numbers

  • Keyboard Zoo 2 - Use the shift key to make upper case letters.  They are marked with yellow. In the computer lab they are painted yellow! You will need both hands to press on the letter and shift key at the same time. Try 3 times.



The devices that students are using make it a challenge to have lessons that all can access. For example, those with ipads don't have a keyboard for keyboarding lessons.  I will include an app that we have used in class along with assignments that can be done cross platform. Students may go to PAST WEEKS if they liked coding or reading books.

* iPad App  that we have used in class
Speed Drill 

1.  FLIPGRID Earthday videos.  To all of the Kindergarten students who shared the ways their family cares for the earth, thank you for such great ideas. Take a few minutes to listen to your classmates. Remember that every day is earth day!

Amazing Animals - Nat Geo  


CODE -  Students learn to create a set of steps  to move the object (an algorithim)

*Google CODE 

  Lightbot  Lightbot is also a free app that can be downloaded on an ipad

Code Monkey

 * Turtle   Directions are below the grid on the turtle website. Start with the turtle on the bottom and select the commands to get the turtle in the pond. Students can challenge themselves to start the turtle on the sides. Finally, added rock and trees. 

 READING  Learn to Read  Which book did you read last? Read the next book in the list and play the games. Read as many books as you can.


Center Time

  1. Main page for Starfall - Reading * Word Machine

  2.  ABCya - Letters and numbers

  3. Keyboard letters - ABCya

  4. IXL Math - 10 questions per day

  5. Kindergarten Math Games

  6. BookFLIX - Scholastic -  Watch a fiction story,  read along with a non-fiction book  and try the quiz          User name: oradelles   PW: bookflix 

  7. Tumblebooks - subscription

  8. GO Math - subscription

  9. Spelling City * Dolch Words *  Word Lists  * Word Families 


  1. Keyboard letters - ABCya

  2. Brown Bear Keyboard game ***   Learn to Type BBC

  3. Dance Mat Typing - Finger placement - by BBC  Listen to the instructions and see if you can follow. If it is too hard go back to Keyboard Zoo. You may use headphones for this program. 

  4. Play Level 1
    - Select  Home row
    ​- Continue with the lessons. Remember where you stopped so you can continue next week.


Graphs, Puzzles and Drawing

  1. ABCya Animation

  2. ABCya Word Cloud


  1. Little Explorers Dictionary & Encyclopedia  - Enchantedlearning

  2. Brainpop subscriptions