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Junior Safe Search
3rd Grade
Language Arts
Social Studies

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May 26- June 10 Contact me for any questions:

Go to your Google TECH Classroom for your final project which is a 3rd Grade Journal.


Do you wonder what is happening around the world with some of the animals?

 KEYBOARD PRACTICE  - 20 Minutes on Brown Bear. If flash does not work on your computer, then go to Dance Mat typing. When you are finished record your scores in Google classroom TECH. "KEYBOARD & CODE" assignment

1. Brown Bear  Learn to Type  Begin with lesson 1 to 3.  When you got your laptop, it was setup to allow FLASH to work. If you see the puzzle follow the directions below.

Click on the puzzle.  >  
Then select ALLOW flash. 

2.  Dance Mat Typing - Click on Play Level 1 > Then select  Home row. You may continue through the lessons.
           Do not look at the keyboard
           Say the letters to yourself

3.  Harriet and M15   Peek in on our eaglets. My, how they have grown!  How have they grown since last week? Look closely, can you see feathers forming? Look at all 4 CAMS to see their habitat. Their nest is 60 feet off the ground. CAM 360 allows you to move the camera and hear the birds. Below the CAMS are videos from past weeks so you can see their progress.

4.  HOUR of CODE  GO to Course 2  under the 3rd Grade Students. Do not do any Unplugged Activity.


1.  FLIPGRID Earthday videos.  To all of the 3rd grade students who shared the way their family cares for the earth, thank you for such great ideas. Take a few minutes to listen to your classmates. Remember that every day is earth day.

Healthcare Worker letters from our students

Introduction by Parker L. 

 Mrs. Albrecht Mrs. Minasian * Ms. Pizza * Mrs. Tashjian * Mrs. Velardi 


  1. Brainpop - subscription



  1. Little Explorers Dictionary & Encyclopedia - Enchanted Learning
  2. Word Central Merriam-Webster dictionary and MORE!
  3. Spelling City


  1. NCES Create a bar, line or pie Graph
  2. Timeline maker

KEYBOARDING - Practice 15 minutes every day

  1. Brown Bear  Learn to Type  - BBC
  2. Dance Mat Typing - Finger placement - by BBC
  3. - requires login

TYPING TEST > Fastest Typist

  1. Typing Test  - Paragraph


  1. Sumo Paint


  1. ABCya  - animation
  2. Word artWord Cloud