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Ms. Nicole Hendricks 

I am thrilled to be working alongside each of your children this year to grow them in both Reading and Writing.  I thoroughly enjoy my opportunity as a teacher to lead the students in their development - academically and socially.  My classroom is a safe learning environment, in which I encourage the students to share in their classroom community.  This community is filled with respect, kindness, enthusiasm, diligence, inquiry, and fun.  

It is very important to continue to read with your children at home.  They are expected to read 30+ minutes a day outside of school time in order to utilize their reading strategies learned in class, increasing their reading skills and expanding their vocabulary.  They are also responding to their reading daily through writing in their Reading Journals at home, which extends their thinking and comprehension.  Let's work together to make reading a top priority, as well as making it fun!  

I also encourage the children to keep a Writer's Notebook at home, which can travel with them, as they capture various writing ideas, through observation and experiences.



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