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John C. Anzul, Ed.D.

Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Mrs. Eileen Gallagher
201-261-1180 x3004

Data Coordinator
201-261-1180 x3000


District Affirmative Action Officer: Dr. John C. Anzul

Employees who have any type of question or concern about Affirmative Action are asked to contact the Office of the Superintendent.

        Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents, Care Givers, and Community Members:

Happy New Year! As we head into 2019 I'd like to share some updates about key accomplishments, current events and upcoming news in the Oradell Public School. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the support you have already afforded the students, faculty and administration during the first half of this school year.

Successful organizations, teams, schools, and individuals have many similar attributes. Focus, determination, commitment, talent and effective resource allocation are among them. However, unless we are goal driven and results oriented, no level of talent or resources will help us achieve our mission. That is, making sure that all OPS students acquire the knowledge and skills outlined by our curriculum and standards at the very highest levels possible. Everything that we do must be about teaching and learning. We must always ask, " How does this effort/initiative, etc. help students learn?"   If the initiative or activity does not contribute to the academic and behavioral learning of our students, then we must reconsider why we are spending time and money on it.

Over the course of last winter and spring I met with a number of stakeholders as part of our Strategic Planning effort, in order to determine areas of focus. A number of common themes emerged, such as coherent curriculum, instruction, assessment, social and emotional learning, parent involvement, facilities, focused professional learning, and bolstering the support for student's individual learning needs. The School's Administrative Team then worked over the summer to develop a list of action steps to achieve each of the primary goals. Our NJ-SBA Rep. Matt Lee then met with the Board during the fall to present the Strategic Plan that will guide our school district for the next three to five years. Although we're still polishing the final version of the Strategic Plan, a draft version is available on our website at the following link:!    The ultimate objective is that all Oradell Public School students achieve at high levels. By selecting several high yield strategies that concentrate our efforts on achieving our goals we will increase our opportunities for success. The faculty and administration look forward to working with the Board of Education, parents and community to make our school the exemplar for education that all others look to as a model of excellence.

Finally, budget development is exciting because we have the opportunity to plan the next school year for our students. The budget is a financial statement of our values and beliefs about educating our students. On February 27, 2019 we will present the preliminary budget at the Board of Education Meeting, and invite public input. The preliminary adoption of the budget will be scheduled in March, and we will hold a Public Hearing and Budget Adoption on April 24, 2019. As additional information about State Aid becomes available we will continue to post important dates and other budget information on our District Website.

John C. Anzul, Ed.D.

Communications from the Superintendent

  • Parent Connection:   Please navigate this site from the New Jersey School Boards Association  to learn more about how schools, budgets, and programs run and how they impact local schools.